Farmer’s Market 2015

I’ve been working at Hickory House for a year. I started out as a dishwasher. After a few months, I moved to waitressing. This gave me a very good feel for how a restaurant operates. I learned what goes on behind the scenes when I was responsible for keeping the kitchen clean, and when I began waitressing, it was a great experience for learning how to deal with people.

After about six months of waitressing, the owners asked me to do some line cooking. Being a baker, I was used to one pace of kitchen life; now, I had to quickly adapt to supporting the chef as we made a wide variety of menu items each night.

This spring, Hickory House’s owners decided to participate in a local farmer’s market. We decided it would be fun for me to sell my baked goods there, which added another dimension to my restaurant experience. I spend most weekdays prepping or baking; I sell my baked goods at the farmer’s market twice/week, and work at the restaurant several evenings each week.

I’m responsible for planning what I’ll bake and sell; supply and inventory; tracking my profit margin, and most important, making quality baked goods for my customers to enjoy.

To top it off, in June a reporter from our local newspaper spotted me at the market and wrote an article about my experience. This article was shared with news outlets throughout the state, and also made its way to Seventeen magazine!

The farmer's market is a popular summer event

Farmer’s Market 2015

Here’s a sample of my baked goods offered at the market:

Chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies (only three ingredients!), chocolate chip cookies with nuts, M&M cookies, oatmeal craisin cookies, and raisin cookies. I’ve also made other specialty desserts like cupcakes, cobblers, and cheesecakes.

One of my most popular items are my Texas-Sized Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Filling and Chocolate Ganache. They melt away in your mouth and finish with a delicious blend of chocolate and peanut butter!


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